Central Plains Center for Bioassessment


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2013-2013 National River and Streams Assessment 2013 2013 Missouri and Kansas Rivers CPCB
Asian Carp Distribution Study Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) 2012 2013 Kansas and Missouri CPCB
Assessing the Condition of USEPA Region 7's Large Tributaries of the Missouri River: A Probabilistic Design Approach 2007 2010 Non-wadeable tributaries of the Missouri River CPCB
Assessment of Floodplain Wetlands of the Lower Missouri River Using an EMAP Study Approach, Phase II: Verification of Rapid Assessment Tools 2008 2009 Lower Missouri River Floodplain from Sioux City, IA to St. Louis, MO CPCB
Assessment of Selenium Levels in the Solomon River in Southwestern Kansas (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) 2007 2009 Solomon River CPCB
Assessment of Selenium Levels in Water, Bottom Sediment, and Biota of Arkansas River in Southwestern Kansas (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) 2005 2007 Arkansas River between Kansas-Colorado state line and Garden City, Kansas CPCB
Assessment of Sunflower Electric Power Corporation’s Great Bend Station selenium discharge on a tributary of Dry Walnut Creek 2011 2011 Great Bend, KS CPCB
Biological impairment in Kansas reservoirs and lotic ecosystems due to erosion and sediment 2009 2012 Banner Creek, Centralia, and Atchison Lakes CPCB
Continuation of Nutrient Criteria Efforts in USEPA Region 7: Documenting Lake and Stream Analyses and Assembling a Wetland Database 2004 2007 Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri CPCB
Database Development for Definition and Assessment of Nutrient Levels and their Biological Effects in the Missouri River 2007 2008 Missouri River CPCB
Defining Relationships among Indicators of Sediment, Erosion and Ecosystem Health in Low Gradient Streams 2004 2006 Central Plains CPCB
Determination of Regional Reference Conditions, Tiered Aquatic Life Applications and Inter-Regional Calibration of Community Assessment Methods 2003 2006 Central Plains CPCB
Determining the Utility and Adaptability of Remote Sensing in Monitoring and Assessing Reservoir Eutrophication and Turbidity for TMDL Assessments 2008 2009 Clinton, Hilsdale, Centralia, and Louisburg-Middle Creek Lakes in eastern Kansas KARS
Developing Regional Nutrient Benchmarks for Streams and Wetlands of the Central Plains 2008 2008 Central Plains CPCB
Developing Regional Nutrient Criteria for Wetlands of the Central Plains Region 2005 2007 Central Plains CPCB
Dissolved Oxygen Study 1999 2001 Stream sites in USEPA Region 7 CPCB
Ecological Assessment of Wolf Creek 2003 2005 Leavenworth County, Kansas CPCB
eDNA sampling as a non-invasive monitoring tool for threatened and endangered species: Experimental studies using Topeka Shiners (Notropis topeka) 2012 2013 NESA CPCB
EMAP-Great Rivers Reference Condition Research on the Missouri River in Kansas 2006 2008 Missouri River along the Kansas border CPCB
EMAP Lake Survey (2007) 2007 2007 Nebraska and Kansas CPCB