Central Plains Center for Bioassessment


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Tristate Study 1992 1994 Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska CPCB
Dissolved Oxygen Study 1999 2001 Stream sites in USEPA Region 7 CPCB
TMDL Supplemental Data Assessment Project 1999 2001 Kansas CPCB
Validation of the Clean Water Farms Project 1996 2001 Eight farms in central and northeastern Kansas CPCB
Nutrient Streams Project 1999 2002 Stream sites in USEPA Region 7 CPCB
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Nutrient Limitation on Phytoplankton Growth in Kansas Reservoirs 2001 2003 Kansas reservoirs CPCB
Lake Modeling Project - Part I 2001 2003 Kansas reservoirs CPCB
National Park Service - Heartland Network Project 2001 2003 National Parks in the Heartland Network CPCB
National Wadeable Streams Assessment 2004 2005 USEPA Regions 6 and 7 CPCB
Ecological Assessment of Wolf Creek 2003 2005 Leavenworth County, Kansas CPCB
Identification and Characterization of Reference Conditions of Wadeable Streams within USEPA Region 7 Using Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) methodology 2005 2006 Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska CPCB
Defining Relationships among Indicators of Sediment, Erosion and Ecosystem Health in Low Gradient Streams 2004 2006 Central Plains CPCB
Determination of Regional Reference Conditions, Tiered Aquatic Life Applications and Inter-Regional Calibration of Community Assessment Methods 2003 2006 Central Plains CPCB
Assessment of Selenium Levels in Water, Bottom Sediment, and Biota of Arkansas River in Southwestern Kansas (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) 2005 2007 Arkansas River between Kansas-Colorado state line and Garden City, Kansas CPCB
Developing Regional Nutrient Criteria for Wetlands of the Central Plains Region 2005 2007 Central Plains CPCB
EMAP Lake Survey (2007) 2007 2007 Nebraska and Kansas CPCB
Lake Survey - USACE 2007 2007 Central Plains Reservoirs CPCB
Lake Survey - Marion Reservior 2007 2007 Marion Reservoir, Kansas CPCB
Lake Modeling Project Part II: An integrated assessment of the effects of internal phosphorus cycling and sediment resuspension on the eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs in the Central Plains 2005 2007 Eastern Kansas CPCB
Wetlands of the Lower Missouri River Floodplain, Phase I 2005 2007 Lower Missouri River Floodplain from Sioux City, IA to St. Louis, MO CPCB