Central Plains Center for Bioassessment

Ecological Assessment of Wolf Creek

Will Spotts and Andy Dzialowski seine for fish in Wolf Creek.
Date January 2003 - December 2005
Contact Debbie Baker
Location Leavenworth County, Kansas


The purpose of this study is to provide a general assessment of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of Wolf Creek, Leavenworth Co., Kansas. There are growing concerns that this watershed is being negatively affected by increases in population growth, development, and agriculture.

We have established three sites along Wolf Creek and are sampling each site several times throughout the year (spring, summer, and fall of 2003). The data collected from Wolf Creek will then be compared to similar data collected from streams located within three reference watersheds that were previously determined to have high habitat, water quality, and biological conditions. This comparison will be used to determine if Wolf creek has deviated from reference conditions. In addition, the data provided in our assessment will be used to help establish a framework for future watershed management plans in Leavenworth Co (For further information: http://www.leavenworthcounty.org/pz/watershed.htm).

Related CPCB Work--Stranger Creek.
This research is very similar to a recently completed assessment of Stranger Creek, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, conducted by CPCB staff. Using similar methodology and rational, we found that Stranger Creek has experienced degradation in relation to reference watersheds. For example, several habitat (riparian forest, erosion), water quality (turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and fecal coliform), and biological conditions (EPT abundance) scored lower in Stranger Creek than in reference conditions.

For more information:

Final Report on the Ecological Assessment of Stranger Creek, Leavenworth County, Kansas – a study on the ecological health of Stranger Creek.


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Analysis, Results, or Reports

A final report on the investigation of habitat, water quality, and biological conditions in Wolf Creek is available for download. [Download .pdf]

Maps, Images, or Photos

Will Spotts electrofishing in Wolf Creek.
Will Spotts and Andy Dzialowski seine for fish in Wolf Creek.
Kansas Biological Survey Staff collect stream habitat data at Wolf Creek.