Central Plains Center for Bioassessment

National Wetland Condition Assessment

Soil core from a South Dakota wetland.
Date January 2011 - December 2011
Contact Debbie Baker
Location South Dakota


CPCB is participating in the EPA National Wetland Condition Assessment - the first-ever national survey on the condition of the Nation’s wetlands. We wil sample 11 randomly selected wetlands (2 repeated) in South Dakota. See the USEPA NWCA website for more information.

Wetlands Community Fact Sheet

Wetland-Survey Fact Sheet


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2011 NWCA Quick Reference 2-18-11
CH 1 Wetland Division Intro_1-19-11.pdf
CH 2 Operations_ 2-23-2011.pdf
CH 3 Establishing AA_1-28-11.pdf
CH 4 Buffer_2-1-11.pdf
CH 5 Vegetation - Final 2-7-2011.pdf
CH 6 Soils - Final 1-26-2011.pdf
CH 7 Hydrology - Final_ 2-7-11.pdf
CH 8 Water Quality_1-27-11.pdf
CH 9 Algae - Final_2-7-11.pdf
FOM Appendix A - Shipping and Tracking.pdf
FOM Appendix B-Targeted Alien Species.pdf
FOM Appendix C- Vegetation Resourcesx.pdf
FOM Appendix D-Photography 2-8-11.pdf
FOM Appendix E-Oil Decontamination.pdf
NWCA Cover and Front Information_1-31-11.pdf
NWCA Equipment and Supply List.pdf

Maps, Images, or Photos

South Dakota sites (click to enlarge). Reference sites (click to enlarge).
Using the King sampler to extract a soil sample.

Soil core from a South Dakota wetland.