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Volunteer Activities

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Iowa Volunteers

IOWATER Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
IOWATER, Iowa's volunteer water quality monitoring program, empowers citizens to take a proactive approach to water quality. By monitoring the water resources in our backyards, we can ensure the protection, longevity and productivity of high quality water resources, as well as evaluate, assess, and improve those of lower quality.

Project AWARE
Project AWARE, which stands for A Watershed Awareness River Expedition, involves hundreds of volunteers who spend their vacations working as aquatic garbage collectors - cleaning up, learning about, and exploring Iowa's rivers.

Kansas Volunteers

PathFinder Science Network

The National Science Education Standards (NRC), the Benchmarks for Science Literacy (AAAS), and Kansas Science Education Standards all call for "Science for All Americans" and "doing science".  Pathfinder Science uses technology to facilitate the implementation of these standards-based teaching principles. The Internet and various technologies create a learning community that transcends geographic barriers and allows collaboration throughout the nation on meaningful research.

Blue River Watershed Association

Teaching Rivers in an Urban Environment (T.R.U.E.) is a watershed literacy, water quality monitoring curriculum targeted at students K-12. The TRUE Blue project rains and equips area teachers, students, and community members to establish school-based “stream teams” that will monitor water quality throughout the Blue River Watershed and nearby streams. Students and their teachers are trained in the classroom to perform nine chemical tests, use macro-invertebrates as a bio-indicator, and perform a visual survey identifying land uses, vegetation and streambank conditions in their stream reach.

Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance
The Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance is in the process of building a school-based, volunteer water quality monitoring network within the twelve counties of the main stem of the Kansas River Valley. Students and teachers will document the prominent land uses, and the kinds of vegetation and wildlife within the watershed. In addition, chemical analysis and macroinvertebrate collection and identification will be perfomed on the river.

Kansas StreamLink
Kansas StreamLink is a statewide watershed education program of the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance (KVHA). KVHA's dedicated staff and leadership have extensive experience with watershed community development. Watershed restoration and protection of the Wakarusa River Valley is also a major project of the Alliance.

Missouri Volunteers

Missouri Stream Team
Missouri Stream Team organizes concerned citizens to address stream problems that result from pollution, alteration, and general neglect and educates members of the community on the importance of water quality and conservation of natural resources. Team members must go through a 9-hour training course to learn about stream organisms and different chemicals that are found in streams. Stream Teams clean up stream litter, monitor water quality, plant trees, stabilize stream banks and improve fish wildlife habitat along streams. They educate communities by talking to landowners, homeowners, school students and businesses about water quality problems and potential solutions.

Streets to Streams Project
A grant from the Environmental Protection Agency has enabled Missouri 4-H to provide adults with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach Missouri youth about water quality.

Trout Unlimited
Trout Unlimited conserves, protects, and restores North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. Missouri's spring-fed rivers contain some of the best populations of self-sustaining rainbow trout in the Midwest. Trout Unlimited members work to improve trout habitat and fishing in these streams. There are two chapters of Trout Unlimited in Missouri: The Meramec Basin Chapter and the Mid-Missouri Chapter.

Mid-Missouri Chapter of Trout Unlimited
The Mid-Missouri Chapter helped the Forest Service purchase 1 mile of Mill Creek in Phelps County. The Mid-Missouri Chapter is working to protect the habitat and water quality of Spring Creek, Mill Creek and Current River. Volunteers actively participate in fundraising and conservation education.

Nebraska Volunteers

Wayne State College
Under the direction of Dr. Barbara Hayford, student volunteers at Wayne State College Nebraska take part in Service Learning Volunteer Stream Monitoring Projects of northeast Nebraska. 

Nebraska Wildlife Federation
Nebraska Wildlife Federation is committed to taking action to protect endangered species in the state, promote wildlife conservation practices, and encourage public policies that protect wildlife habitat.